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My name is Victoria Reva, I am a founder of this Educational platform for learning and practising English grammar with no tutors. This educational platform is ideal for self-study. The web site contains 9 units (60 lessons) of grammar reference and practice materials. Speak English skillfully.

I am looking forward to reading your reference, and it will be awesome to get in touch with you over Instagram

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  • Methodology


    It is not my goal to give information to the student or to provide the learning process. The objective of overlearning is to ensure that the learner retains the information over the long-term. The result of learning is a skill that the student will use automatically in everyday life. Understanding the processes of our brain and neuropsychology helped me to build the methodology, the purpose of which is a guaranteed result.

    First, we need to understand a bit about how our brains process learning experiences:

    • A large portion (30%) of the brain’s cortex comprises neurons that function as visual processors, turning what we see into information. That is why the information is presented in text format.
    • Humans tend to forget 90% of what they learn within one month (more like 7-20 days). Therefore, you have access to the lesson for 30 days, which gives you the opportunity to come back and repeat it as many times as you need.

    In addition, there is a simulator (quiz) on the platform for each lesson that allows you to train the gained knowledge into remembering it.

    Second, as neuropsychology says, any behavior that needs to be learned and that is improved through practice can be considered to be a skill. To work on a skill, we need to repeat the same action again and again until it becomes almost mindless. To have a better and even faster result, using this educational platform, deliberate practice is offered to you. Deliberate practice is a laser-focused activity. It requires us to pay unwavering attention to what we are doing at any given moment. According to Professor of Psychology, Anders Ericsson, sixty minutes spent doing “the right thing” is better than any amount of time spent learning in an unfocused way.

    One of the most common mistakes is that people consider knowledge to be a tool that will allow them to speak a foreign language. In fact, the skill will allow you to use a foreign language in practice.

    To know something is a process:

    • 1Acquisition – the introduction of new information into the brain
    • 2Reiteration – repeating the received information
    • 3Consolidation – the process of memory stabilization; at this point, you have the knowledge
    • 4Skill acquisition – with enough repetition, performance of the task may eventually become automatic, with little need for conscious thought
    • 5Putting your skills into practice – improving the development of practice skills
    • 6Overlearning – practicing your particular skill over and over again in a process; this form of practice leads to automaticity

    On this platform, you can follow the plan described above. You have the opportunity to return to the lesson at least every day for a month, and for each lesson, you have a simulator that will allow you to acquire the skill of the lesson.

    Optimize learning the same way one would eat an elephant – one bite at a time, or like putting together a puzzle – one puzzle piece at a time; building information one layer on top of another. And please shift the focus of your attention from the goal of “getting information” to the goal of “training the information to automatism”.

    Remember, you have the opportunity to choose in what order and what lessons to take, or you can use my help. I will advise you and determine which speech tools you need to master in the first place to achieve your goal.

  • Microlearning


    Microlearning breaks material down into short, easily digestible components. This is usually in periods of around 30 seconds to a few minutes in length. This way of learning contributes to the long-term focus of attention and memorization. In our daily lives, we are constantly faced with microlearning experiences – say, watching tutorial on YouTube on how to prepare a meal, or Googling how to repair something, but it often goes unnoticed.

    You can learn what you need, exactly when you need it, while at the same time, building your knowledge over time to gain mastery over the subject at hand.

  • Self-study online

    Self-study online

    This educational platform is a self-paced online learning service. Self-study means the process of gaining knowledge without assistance from a teacher or tutor. You will not need someone to explain the material to you. The explanation is presented in the form of a short, structured cheat sheet with examples, which can be understood intuitively. Once you start studying on your own using learning materials, your mind will start to grasp information more easily, and gradually, you will reach your goal.

    First, read the whole content, and then try to understand it on your own. It is possible that you will have some difficulty, but soon, your conscious mind will become active and you will be able to understand everything related to your study. Use a dictionary; the process of finding unfamiliar words will help you to focus on what you are learning, and in addition, you will learn new words. Use additional books or the Internet; these are also processes that promote the assimilation of information.

    Exploring a topic on your own encourages you to actively engage with the information and allows you to learn at your own pace, focusing on areas you are most interested in, leading to a more effective learning experience. This method of learning also encourages you to do your own research and find information. It also pushes you to become more autonomous, which will give you freedom. Self-studying students are more focused when it comes to handling duties and responsibilities. Self-study also you to develop curiosity to learn new things, the willingness to try things out, view and be able to tackle problems from different perspectives. So, take pleasure and benefits from learning on this platform.

    Here on the platform, all the information you need is collected and structured in an accessible form, and with a simulator for training, which guides you through the process. All you have to do is work with this information until you acquire the skill of literacy of competent speech.

  • Practices


    On this educational platform, you are offered tests for each rule for training. This will be your practice. You need to incorporate every explanation you learn into your speech. That is why you have to practice. Tests are like your environment where you can train for specific situations. Do not take the test as a control quiz; instead, treat the test as a simulator with which you can bring to automatic learning the structures of speech. So, to simulate practice on this platform, follow the Manual that you will receive after purchasing the lesson.

    Perfect the fundamentals to optimize learning the next steps. You can’t do higher level work if you are wasting your brain power rehashing the basics. This also affects the speed of literacy. You have to provide a process of layering one language construction on top of the other, and if you keep building your speech without securing the fundamentals, your end result will be less than impressive.

  • Personal support

    Personal support

    This educational platform is designed for independent learning. But you may sometimes need help at different stages of your studying journey. Therefore, I suggest you to use the support for the following issues:

    • 1 selecting lessons just for you (this is a separate paid service)
    • 2 being provided an individual lesson if you need (this is a separate paid service)
    • 3 consultation about how to learn a foreign language (this is a separate paid service)
    • 4 using the chat in your account or “contact us” (free of charge)

    Please, feel free to ask questions and I will do my best to help you.

Grammar PRO

Here is the set of structural rules of the English language. Each unit
includes relevant lessons. Please choose lessons in any order and
enjoy learning.


Each lesson is supplemented by tests consisting of 100 questions. Tests are created for the purpose of training the information that has just been learned.
When 100 test questions are passed without any mistakes, you will receive a certificate of mastery of this particular lesson.


Олексій Горохов

Перш за все хочу відзначити те, що організація уроків на вищому рівні, ні одного разу не було зриву чи якихось інших незручностей. На рахунок вивчення англійської: Викладання інформації настільки просте, що зрозуміє навіть дитина. Дуже імпонує той факт, що ви всіляко сприяєте, аби більше засвоїти інформацію, підбираєте правильні тексти, потрібні слова для вивчення аби з перших уроків почати розмовляти англійською. Подобається той факт, що ви проводите крізь складні матеріали, але ви настільки просто їх подаєте, що все колись, що здавалось важким, з вами стає дуже простим. Подобається що із уроками з вами, не тільки покращується рівень англійської, а також сама структура дня і тижня

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Любов Чернікова

Тут все як ти казала. Організаторка не вміє розмовляти англійською, чую помилки і точно хочу говорити гарно. Я говорила для Фешн ТВ англійською! Ти найкраща вчителька англійської в світі, ти допомогла мені подолати штуку, яка була в мене так багато років. Something interesting is in my mind. I’m doing my homework all weekend. All these tenses have mixed in my brain. But I feel like I have a key from all the world. And I had never loved English more than now. Do you know how it is? Like beautiful..

Світлана Федорчук

Віка, до тебе я не думала, що такі люди існують, люди які віддають себе повністю своїй роботі і про никаються нею. В нас, нажаль, по певних обставинах не було багато занять, але мені вистачило першого, щоб зрозуміти що ти обираєш правильну методику. А ще, ти надзвичайно крутий мотиватор. Чесно! Після кожного заняття я просто летіла робити вправи, вчити тексти (хоча ти й не просила). Ти вмієш і можеш впливати на людей досягати успіху у вивченні мови і просто вірити в себе!!!

Андрій Сова

При заняттях з Вікторією сподобалося високий рівень професійності у всьому: визначення реального рівня знань студента (тобто мене); чітке планування кожного заняття; донесення великих об’ємів правил у доступні, стислій, систематизованій формі; досвід тривалого проживання за кордоном, як наслідок – знання реальної розмовної форми, мови носіїв. Завжди позитивний настрій і націленість на результат; величезна працездатність. І просто дуже приємна і симпатична дівчина)) З того, що не сподобалося – халява з Вікою не проходить.

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