Adjectives describe nouns. Adjectives give us more information about a noun.
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     Sometimes nouns can be placed before other nouns. In this use, they are functioning in a similar way to some adjectives. To know how it works, learn Noun Modifiers.

     If you have ever doubted how to say “interesting” or “interested”, “boring” or “bored”, please, learn Adjectives Ending in –ING and –ED.

     You should know that the order of words in a sentence in English is important. Very often,foreigners make mistakes in English by placing adjectives in a sentence incorrectly, especially when more than one adjective is used to describe the same noun. You can learn about these rules in the topic Position of Adjectives and Order of Adjectives.

     To know the difference between “older” and “elder”,  – “farthest” and “furthest”, and be able to express the intensity of an adjective in increasing order, welcome to the lesson Three Degrees of Adjectives.

     And do not forget about Gradable and Non-gradable Adjectives, Intensifiers and Mitigators. You will learn how to make adjectives weaker or stronger.