Nouns are words that name person, place, animal, thing, feeling, idea. To know how to use nouns correctly in a sentence you need to study the following topics:

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We have to study Common and Proper Nouns to know when and where nouns are capitalized.

Collective Nouns are also an important topic – to know their content and to find out whether words like “family” are singular or plural.

Counting and Non-counting Nouns are also important to know. It depends on the use of articles, which words to use: “a few” or “a little”, “many” or “much”, “fewer” or “less”, the use of singular and plural, and so on.

Possessive Nouns shows us possession or belonging. Do you know the difference between “Adam’s and Jane’s car collections” and “Adam and Jane’s car collection”?

Compound nouns. Some nouns consist of more than one word. They are extremely common in English. It is also important and interesting to know.

And, of course, so are Nouns in the Plural. You may be surprised to learn that the plural form of the word “fish” is “fish”.

You will find here many more interesting things to know about nouns.