6. Adjectives and Prepositions

$ 25

at, to, for, in, about, of

good at

good for

allergic to

experienced in

stressed about

$ 25

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You buy access to one lesson or several lessons of your choice. This lesson will be available in your personal account for 30 days. The lesson is created in text format and has the form of a cheat sheet, which briefly, in simple words, explains how to speak in a particular situation.

Each lesson is supplemented by tests consisting of 100 questions. Tests are created for the purpose of training the information that has just been learned. This will be your practice.

In your personal account, you will also find instructions on how to take lessons for maximum results. Remember that just reading the rule will not change your speech. You need to train this rule to automatism and thus be able to use a specific language structure in your life. Access to the lesson for 30 days means: every day you open the rule, deepen it and take the tests at least once. Then you repeat these steps the next day and so on, for all 30 days. As a result, you practise at least 3,000 sentences per rule (30 days on 100 test questions). And move on to the next lesson. When 100 test questions are passed without any mistakes, you will receive a certificate of mastery of this particular lesson.

All lessons (rules) are written in English. But do not let that scare you. The explanation is written in very simple and accessible words. Do not be too lazy to look up an unfamiliar word in the dictionary, write it down and study it. Then, these words will be useful to you in live speech.

Tests for the lesson consist of 100 questions. When you start going through these questions and suddenly decide to take a break and leave the site, the results will not be saved, you will have to start over.

When you sign up with the website, please use only Latin letters and write your full name as it should appear on the certificate.

Everyone who registers on the site, you will receive a gift in your personal account.

You can always contact us for support and get help.

Be brave, you will succeed.
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Please use only Latin letters and write full name as it should appear on certificate
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